Moscow University

Hybridization events in the human evolution

Gasanov E.V.

Koltzov Institute of Developmental Biology of Russian Academy of Sciences, 26 Vavilov Street, Moscow, 119334, Russia

Gasanov Eugene V., Ph.D.; ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5020-9406;


Materials and methods. Scientific literature to review was collected from the PubMed database (, some other publications were collected from the open internet sources. Results. Herein we represent a review of current data for genetics regarding the hybridization events of the human evolution. The paper reviews ancient human interactions that had place 30-1000 thousands of years ago and could be detected by the methods of genetics. Both, divergence of the Old World human population and consequent introgression and hybridization processes that had led to the formation of modern human are analyzed. Discussion. The current genetics allows to study and analyze genomes of human and other animals in the aim to discover their evolutionary relationships. The consequent reveal of the ancient and extinct animal genomes allowed to speak about palaeogenetics, while the genome comparisons have formed a new discipline, comparative genomics, an analogue of the comparative anatomy. Modern and ancient human genomes' analysis have discovered the ancient human subpopulations' interactions and relations, part of which gave rise to the modern humans. Conclusion. Modern humans are a result of i) evolution of the isolated ancient human populations which had formed 200–1000 thousands of years ago; and ii) of interaction between them. Indeed, a number of hybridization events we can see during the human evolution, most of them are reflected in the modern and ancient human genomes.


ancient human population; Neanderthals; Denisovans; modern type humans; Homo heidelbergensis; DNA introgression; genome

DOI: 10.32521/2074-8132.2022.3.072-085

Цит.: Gasanov E.V. Hybridization events in the human evolution // Moscow University Anthropology Bulletin (Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Seria XXIII. Antropologia), 2022; 3/2022; с. 72-85 (Published: September 15, 2022)

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