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The collection from the Palaeolithic horizons of the Grotte du Placard at the Museum of Anthropology (Lomonosov Moscow State University)

Medvedev S.P.

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Anuchin Institute and Museum of Anthropology,Mokhovaya st., 11, Moscow, 125009, Russia

Medvedev Stanislav P., Researcher, ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0916-184X;


Introduction. The collection from the Palaeolithic site Grotte du Placard (Charente, France) are represented at the Museum of Anthropology (Lomonosov Moscow State University). These artifacts were gathered by Arthur de Maret during his excavation campaigns of 1877-1888. In 1910 D.N. Anuchin bought this assemblage from m-me de Maret. After 150 years of exploration of the Grotte du Placard there were identified 8 chrono-stratigraphic horizons attributed to the Mousterian, to the Middle and Upper Solutrean, to the Badegoulian, and to a good part of the Magdalenian. Materials and methods. The collection consists of 224 items. According to the data from the Scientific archive of the Museum of Anthropology they are divided into 4 units: the Mousterian, the Solutrean, the Magdalenian and the osseous industry (antler, bone, tooth and shell artifacts). Each unit’s inventory was studied using typological analysis. Results and discussion. The Mousterian unit is distinctive by the Mousterian points and the side-scrapers. The Solutrean unit is characterized by the shouldered points, the unifacial points and the thin end-scrapers on long blades. The Magdalenian unit is represented by scrapers. The chisellike tools are typical for the Badegoulian. The osseous industry consists of some items specific for the Magdalenian (pierced baton and eyed needles) and for the Middle Magdalenian (double point and pierced phalanx). Conclusion. Current research affirmed the chrono-cultural characteristic of the artifact assemblages distinguished by D.N. Anuchin. The obtained information was added to the electronic database. This article’s timeliness consists of the osseous inventory publication, including antler and bone implements, personal adornments and pieces of portable art.


archaeology; Grotte du Placard; Palaeolithic; France; Mousterian; Solutrean; Magdalenian; collections of de Maret; portable art; pierced phalanx

DOI: 10.32521/2074-8132.2021.4.116-125

Цит.: Medvedev S.P. The collection from the Palaeolithic horizons of the Grotte du Placard at the Museum of Anthropology (Lomonosov Moscow State University) // Moscow University Anthropology Bulletin (Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Seria XXIII. Antropologia), 2021; 4/2021; с. 116-125 (Published: December 22, 2021)

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