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Variability of head and face measurements of mature and elderly Chuvashian females. Part II

Maurer A.M.

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Anuchin Institute and Museum of Anthropology, Mochovaya st., 11, Moscow, 125009, Russia

Maurer Andrey M., PhD.,


Introduction. The main purpose is assessment of the variability of the head and face measurements in women and to comparison of two Chuvash groups: the first from the Yadrinsky district of Chuvashia and the second from the Aurgazinsky district of Bashkiria. Materials and methods. 355 Chuvashian females from Chuvashia and 343 Chuvashian females from Bashkiria were examined. Research program included 14 measurements, three indices (cephalic, facial, and nasal) and two calculated characteristics (forehead height and height of the lower segment of the face). An analysis of variance (ANOVA) with the Sheffe comparison was undertaken, the coefficients of sexual dimorphism (ISD) were calculated for each feature for three ontogenetic intervals. Results. The dynamics of age-related changes in measurements of the face and head in women was found. It was established that age variation of cephalometric features in the Chuvashian females from Chuvashia is less pronounced than in the sample from Bashkiria. Several significant differences in the features of the face and head between two female samples in three ontogenetic intervals were found. Absolute values of all cephalometric features (except cephalic index) in all age categories appears to be lower in the female samples than in the males ones. The coefficients of sexual dimorphism decline with age from the age cohort «Mature I» to «Elderly». Conclusion. In general, according to the cephalometric characteristics, women born in Chuvashia are somewhat more massive than the natives of Bashkiria. It is established that the ongoing process of brachycephalization in Chuvash populations affects both sexes. The female sample of the Yadrinsky region is characterized by increased values of cephalometric width parameters at maturity (transverse, mandibular diameters, forehead width, the width of nose and mouth). The group from Bashkiria is characterized by increased values of lengthwise characteristics (physiognomic height of the face, the height of upper lip) but only in the «Mature II» cohort. In the elderly sample from Chuvashia the transverse diameter of the head, the height of the nose, the nasal and mouth height are significantly higher. The specific feature of the Bashkirian Chuvashes (both men and women) is heightened upper lip. Sex differences in mature age cohorts in most head and face characteristics is bigger in Chuvashia population than in population from Bashkiria.


physical anthropology; head measurements; face measurements; sexual dimorphism; Chuvashs; adult; women

DOI: 10.32521/2074-8132.2018.3.021-032

Цит.: Maurer A.M. Variability of head and face measurements of mature and elderly Chuvashian females. Part II // Moscow University Anthropology Bulletin (Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Seria XXIII. Antropologia), 2018; 3/2018; с. 21-32

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